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 Company History

Thompson Equipment Company, Inc. was founded by Horace A. Thompson, Jr. in 1947 as a manufacturer's representative for process control instrumentation and related equipment. Since that time, the company has expanded from this historical base to the repair of magnetic flow meters and the manufacture of various process control instruments used primarily in the pulp and paper industry.

The company is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Company Operations

We attribute our success to the company's overriding emphasis on quality customer service.

The company has supported and enhanced its representative business by becoming a "value-added" re-marketer. The company has an engineering group with significant skills in the process control programming environment. These services result in the company's ability to service larger projects that depend on customized solutions using the latest technology available.

As a manufacturer and repair facility, the Company has various areas of expertise and influence:
  • In the late 1960's the Company developed the technical expertise necessary to repair magnetic flow meters. Today we remanufacture all brands of magnetic flow meters at the home office facility.
  • In 1979 the Company acquired the patented design of a consistency regulator used primarily in the pulp & paper industry, and commenced manufacturing this product under a "TECO" label.
  • In February, 1990, the Company acquired the design, specifications and on-hand inventory of additional products used by the Pulp and Paper industry resulting in the DRAINAC™ Freeness Indicator and the BRAINAC™ refiner control instrument.

The Company continues to perform research and development to improve the measurement capabilities of all its instruments.





C3000 Consistency Sensor
Its simple, rugged reliable design allows the C3000 to be applicable over a wide range of consistency levels. With no moving parts, and an angled leading edge, the C3000 sheds foreign objects easily and is very easy to maintain. Its an excellent choice for a stable, repeatable consistency measurement in hard to measure applications such as recycle furnishes.
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