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Drainac IIIB On-line Freeness Analyzer

Freeness Matters! What Are You Missing?

Drainac® Drainage Rate Indication System is an on-line instrument that continually measures the drainage rate of your pulp. The output is a proportional 4-20mA DC signal. The unit consists of two major sub-assemblies; a detector and a detector control cabinet
Drainac® Detector - The detector assembly consists of a 2" diameter, 316SS, vertical riser partitioned from the transparent acrylic tube by a 316SS perforated screen. The riser includes a 316SS full port ball valve for isolation and a stock line pressure transmitter. Within the transparent tube are 316SS conductance probes for filtrate level detection and a spray nozzle for cleaning the screen. Furnished with the detector are solenoid valves for control of flush water to the spay nozzle, tube / electrode wash, and under screen tangential swirl. The detector is hinged to provide screen access (24" minimum height required). Services required are flush water and air pressure at a minimum of 10 PSIG above the maximum stock line pressure.
Drainac® Detector Control Panel - A stainless steel wall-mounted 20" x 20" x 6" NEMA 4X cabinet (floor-mounted pedestal optional) is provided for electronic and pneumatic support circuits, stock line pressure gauge, and detector tube pressure gauge. An industrial microprocessor provides level sensing, sequencing logic, blow down and flush time control, freeness calculation, automatic calibration, and graphic display of the information to the operator. An isolated output of 4-20 mA DC will drive up to 900 ohms of maximum load. Air filter / regulator with pressure gauge included. The cabinet will have external on / off switch and internal components tubed and wired, with user connections labelled.
The Drainac® IIIB includes a very effective, simple engineering design to compensate for significant changes in process variables that can affect freeness, specifically, pressure, consistency, temperature, and pH. Normal changes in these variables for any given grade will have no meaningful effect on the instrument's ability to measure freeness. However, grade changes requiring a major shift in one or more of these four variables can easily and accurately be handled by Drainac® IIIB through the use of the multiple calibration characteristics. The microprocessor has the capability to retain up to (10) ten different setting and calibration parameters.

Basic Applications

Closed Loop Refiner Controls – On-line freeness measurement is commonly used to control the final freeness target (setpoint) for the refiners by cascading the freeness measurement output directly to the horsepower tons / day controller.

Basic On-line Freeness Measurement – Basic on-line freeness measurement is used by production managers and paper machine operators as a “speedometer” of fiber quality enabling them to make real- time decisions that effect final production quality and paper machine runnability.

Stock Blending – Used for monitoring the fiber characteristics of individual furnish streams so that optimal stock blending can be accomplished on a real-time basis. In this manner, the lower cost furnish stream can be maximized without sacrificing final product quality.
  • Fast Sample Rate – 2-3 samples / minute allows for superior refiner control performance.
  • Directly Measures Drainage Rate – calibrates to any freeness measurement, CSF, Williams Precision Slowness, Schopper-Reigler.
  • Complete In-line System – no wasted product or sewered samples.
  • Multiple Calibration Characteristics – for applications with different grades or furnishes.
  • Self Cleaning System – minimizing maintenance and sampling errors.
  • Simple Design – easy to use and understand.
  • Low Installation Cost – the simple design allows for easy, cost effective installation.
  • Digital Communication - easily integrates into any DCS platform.

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