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Frequently Asked Questions

TECO Basics:   

Q: Do I need an RMA number?
A: No, just clean and decontaminate the meter to meet transit requirements, include any applicable MSDS information and send to TECO at 125 Industrial Ave. Jefferson LA 70121.

Q: Do you charge for evaluation?
A:  NEVER!  There is no charge for an evaluation, even if you want us to return your meter.  Our motto is: If we can't help you, then we don't charge you. 

Q: What is your normal lead time?
A:  It depends on the meter, but most mass meters and <14" teflon lined mag meters ship in 21 calendar days.  Emergency "RUSH" repairs and repair/exchange meters are often available in 2-3 working days.

Q:  How fast can I get a meter?
A:  While our normal lead time is 21 days ARO, we also have emergency service options that can get your meter out in a rush and over the weekend, if necessary.  There is an additional charge for this service.

Q: Do you provide a warranty?
A:  Yes, once TECO remanufactures a meter, we provide our standard warranty, regardless of the age of the meter.  Click here for details.

Q: Do you provide after sale technical support?
A:  Yes, as part of our remanufacturing services, we offer live telephone technical support 24/7 for any TECO meter.

Q: Do you provide on-site technical support?
A:  Yes, we have ISA Certified Control System Technicians available for on-site assistance, click here for our rate sheet. 

Q: What is a failure analysis?
A:  Upon request, TECO can provide a failure analysis report for your meter.  This will detail our expert opinion on why your meter failed along with any suggestions for improved performance.

TECO Calibration:

Q:  Do you provide NIST traceable calibrations?
A:  Yes, we have a NIST traceable flow calibration facility and all of the flow meters we repair receive a live flow calibration traceable to NIST with certificate.

Q: Is your flow lab ISO 17025 accredited?
A:  Yes, we also offer the upgraded calibration service of ISO 17025 accredited calibrations with certificate.

Q:  Do you provide field calibration services?
A:  Yes, we provide on-site proving and meter calibrations with our portable fleet of master meters and associated testing equipment.  We also provide instrument installation, inspection and startup assistance via our field service technicians.

TECO Flow Troubleshooting:

Q:  My Instrument reads flow at no flow condition, what is happening?
A:  Check the setting of Low Flow Cutoff (LCF).  It may need to be adjusted.

Q:  I replaced the core processor and now the meter reads incorrectly, why?
A:  Make sure to load the meter and cal data into the new core processor. 

Q:  How do I achieve a proper ground?
A:  You can achieve a proper ground by grounding the medium and sensor so that they are at the same electrical potential.  In some applications, you must use grounding rings.  (TECO sells these grounding rings)

Q:  I have an E&H transmitter, but I don't know the "unlock" code, can you help?
A:  It is typically the model number of the device.  For example, on a ProMag50 - the unlock code is "0050"

Q:  Why does my flow measurement drift over time?
A:  One explanation could be that the electrodes are coated.  Remove the sensor from the line and clean the electrodes.  TECO offers a Preventative Maintenance Service, call us for details.

Q:  Why am I getting either a coil current fault or an open coil error?
A:  Check the wiring from the sensor to the transmitter.  If you have a simulator/calibrator, check the transmitter.

Q:  Why is my display blank and I am not getting current output?
A:  Check the power to the transmitter and/or check the fuse on the transmitter.

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