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Customer Testimonials

What Customers Say About TECO

I have been working with you at TECO for several years on our obsolete flow meter repair that is saving the company $ buy repair and not replacement. I have had very little problems with the repair of the flow meters and appreciate the extra steps that you take to even find some of the exotic metals that we use for our electrodes. These flow meters come back in like new condition and when sent out it is hard to believe they would ever look that good. I appreciate the timely fashion of the repair work in order to keep our plant up and running and I am sure that supervision also greatly appreciates this also.

I&E Planner
Chemical company

We have been very pleased with the results that TECO has provided. TECO has provided us with excellent customer service as well as repair/calibration of our equipment. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to have these type meters to be repaired, calibrated, or trying to locate older style instrumentation.

I&E Inspector
Specialty chemical company

I am very pleased to write in regards to the services that TECO has provided to Sasol North America, in the Instrument department, concerning the Magmeter, and the Mass Flow Meter. TECO is very fast and reliable, and offer great service in the sales department, as well as the repair department. I like their prices as well, very compatible in the industry.

I/E Planner
Energy & chemical company

I use TECO for all my mag and mass meter repairs. Because I know when the meter returns to the mill it will look like brand new and be in perfect operating condition. I also like their friendly no hassle service that requires minimal paperwork and quick turn around times.

I/E Planner
Paper company

I have used TECO to repair our mass meters and have very good results and they stand by there work.

Service company

We have used TECO's refurbished mag. and mass meters for years. We will continue to use TECO's services because their refurbished products are of very high quality and very cost effective.

Lead Electronics Technician at major oilfield service company
I would like to thank you for the great service TECO has given me with my flowmeters on our test floor. Incoming customer test requirements for our specialized pump line require a certain level of reliability. I can feel confident that the equipment sent to your facility will be calibrated and repaired to the highest standards required for the successful operation of our test floor. Communicating with the staff at TECO is fast, reliable and always a pleasure. I would highly recommend TECO to any of my associates for their calibration needs.

Quality Assurance Coordinator
Mineral company

We have been using Thompson Equipment for many years in
providing us with Flow Meter products. We have always been able to depend on their products of Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meters and they have been very helpful working with us on rebuilding flowtubes. The flowtubes that Thompson Equipment have remanufactured for us are restored to new condition and we have been very happy with their services. We will continue to use Teco-Inc because of their great service and products. I appreciate their understanding of our urgency in providing quick turnarounds on repairs, it is crucial to our operations and their cost is very reasonable.

E&I Supervisor
Mining company

Reconditioning flow meters, pressure transmitters and other items similar to this is almost always a very involving job for folks, like me, who purchase MRO for manufacturing plants. Having tried other vendors who recondition this type of item, I was always fighting the battle of keeping up with RMA numbers, delivery times and just plain not knowing what was out for repair. With TECO all of this is made so much easier. NO RMA number needed. Timely updates on what is at their facility and above all outstanding customer service. TECO has more than met our expectations, they have exceeded them. On top of all this, I have found their prices to be surprisingly competitive. It is true you get what you pay for; but with TECO I've found we get more than we pay for. Not a common thing in todays business environment. TECO just sets a very high standard for customer service and quality.

Sourcing Specialist at a world leader in soybean processing
As the production manager at King Fisher Marine Service I would like to personally thank Thompson Equipment Co. ( TECO ) for your help in our repairs of our magmeters. Not only were the repairs quality, the service and turnaround time has been excellent. We recommend your service to anyone looking to have magmeters/mass meters repaired. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Production Manager
Marine service company

We definitely have a need for TECO. They have been servicing our Magmeters, and Massflowmeters for years, and they do an outstanding job, fast and reliable service and reasonable pricing is always a plus in our industry. I would definitely recommend TECO for all your Mass and Mag Flowmeter repair needs.

WS Electronics Maintenance Supervisor
Oil field services company

Sulzer Process Pumps supplies and services pumps for companies in the Oil & Gas, Hydrocarbon Processing, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater and Food, Metals & Fertilizer industries. Our calibration/test rigs have magmeters that periodically need to be certified traceable to NIST. We were concerned about the quality/accuracy of the calibrations and especially about the turnaround time. Our experience told us to expect four to eight weeks.  We decided to give Thompson Equipment Company (TECO) a try. TECO calibrates our meters at multiple points traceable to NIST, provides certificates for our records, and ships meters back to us in two weeks (or days if I ask for it) -- not months. We've used TECO's calibration services for many years and have been completely satisfied. I would recommend TECO to anyone who needs flowmeters calibrated traceable to NIST. If you have any questions about what TECO did for us, call me.

Quality Lab
OEM pump company

I have been dealing with Thompson Equipment Co. for several years and have been very satisfied. Our business needs require that our maintenance department be flexible and able to change directions quickly. Often times, this brings us last minute repairs or calibrations that must be handled quickly. Thompson has been very accommodating and able to meet our requirement dates, even if that means weekend work on their end. We have successfully used Thompson for repair of mass and mag flowmeters as well. On the rare occasion that we did receive a repair that was not satisfactory, I was impressed with the response from them, which included a call from upper management of their company and a quick response to the issue. I consider Thompson Equipment Co. very valuable to the continued success of our company.

Instrument Planner
Petro-chemical company

Thank you and your staff for providing our company with excellent service. TECO's prompt and professional service has been a great asset to our district.Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!!!!!

Electrical Tech
Services company