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TMC-6000 Microprocessor Consistency Transmitter

StockRite™ Family of Mechanical and Microwave Consistency Sensors

The TMC-6000 Microprocessor Consistency Transmitter is designed as the backbone for the TECO StockriteTM family of consistency instrumentation; to be used as the common electronics support platform for all of TECO’s family of consistency probes.

The TMC-6000 is a remote mounted unit, making it an excellent choice for high vibration, high temperature, or inaccessible applications. Its microprocessor based electronics allow the user to have a set of predefined calibrations for easy set-up and calibration. Users can also retain up to (10) ten different calibration parameters to accommodate different grades or stock furnish mixes.

The TMC-6000 also allows for “active velocity compensation” which significantly increases overall application range and maintains accuracy as your production rate changes, unlike standard mechanical devices.

  • Excellent Repeatability - microprocessor based electronics.
  • "Quick Start" - Predefined Calibration Procedure - for ease of set-up and calibration.
  • Active Velocity Compensation - increased application range as production changes
  • Embedded Control Option - optimal dilution feed forward control.
  • Multiple Calibrations - ability to hold up to (10) ten different calibration settings for different grades / furnishes.
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure - remotely mounted enclosure keeps the electronics safe from vibration, heat, moisture in the field.
  • Digital Communications - easily integrates into any DCS platform.


  • Display: Variable contrast graphical LCD
  • Electronics: Microprocessor based
  • Analog Input(s): (1) 4-20 mA flow, (3) 4-20 mA optional
  • Analog Output(s): (1) - 4-20 mA - compensated consistency, (1) - 4-20 mA - optional
  • Communications: (1) full duplex - choice of protocol: RS 232 / IEEE 422 / IEEE 485
  • Power: 115 / 220 VAC, 60 Hz,
  • Temperature Limits: 32 deg. F. - 140 deg. F operating
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4X
  • OPTIONS: Dilution PID controller output, Multiple inputs for process influence, compensation Custom configuration ability

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