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C3000 Fixed Mount Probe

StockRite™ Family of Mechanical and Microwave Consistency Sensors

The C3000 Consistency Sensor is designed as one of the critical components of the TECO StockriteTM Family of consistency instruments.

Its simple, rugged, reliable design allows the C3000 to be applicable over a wide range of consistency levels. With no moving parts, and an angled leading edge, the C3000 sheds foreign objects easily and is very easy to maintain, making it an excellent choice for a stable, repeatable consistency measurement in hard to measure applications such as recycle furnishes.

This sensor is also designed as a remotely mounted unit to be used in combination with TECO’s TMC6000 Micro- processor Transmitter, making the C3000 sensor an excellent choice for high vibration, high temperature, or in- accessible applications. Its low flow threshold, capable of being on-control immediately, in combination with its design benefits make the C3000 Consistency Sensor your best choice for consistency measurement.
  • Simple / Reliable Design - No moving parts or maintenance issues.
  • Stable Calibration and Excellent Repeatability.
  • Remote Mounted Transmitter - good for high vibration, high temperature, or inaccessible applications.
  • Angled Leading Edge Design - easily sheds any foreign objects, excellent for recycle furnish applications.
  • Low Flow Threshold - ability to be on-control immediately at low velocity rates.
  • Wide Consistency Range - applicable for a variety of consistency levels.
  • Titanium Sensor - for maximum longevity.

  • Materials - Titanium sensor body, other materials 316SS or Titanium.
  • Temperature - 250 deg. F maximum operating.
  • Cable Length - 20 ft. supplied—up to 250 ft. maximum using TECO supplied extension cable.
  • Range - 2.5% - 18% (these are nominal limits; actual limits depend on the nature of the furnish).
  • Velocity - 0.1-6.0ft./sec. (active velocity compensation available).
  • Mounting Requirements - All necessary parts are included.

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